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Contemporary Rugs at C&J

Contemporary Rugs at C&J

Spart2 Rug


An adaptable exterior quality rug that’s equally at home inside.

Spart Rug 3

  • Easy clean with water
  • Resistant to staining
  • Resistant to mould and fungus
  • Antistatic
  • Reversible
  • UV resistant

Spart is €124/m2

Example Price


300 x 200 cm

Example Prices

300 x 200 cm


400 x 300 cm


Casa & Jardim proudly display Spart exclusively on the Algarve.


Spart is our best feeling rug at casa e Jardim.
Spart rugs are made from ‘Olefin’, a durable hydrocarbon that ticks all the boxes for resistance and durability. Yet, for all it’s robustness, Spart has the feel of a Sisal rug (the most durable of the natural fibres), and the softness of a wool type.

Spart is available in any dimension required and hence is priced as a square metre item.

Spart can also be made into a circular rug.

Technical Spec.

  • 100% Olefin
  • 2300 gr/m2
  • 9mm pile

Spart is available in a selection of neutral colour-ways.
Spart Rug 303
Spart Rug 3074
Spart Rug 309
Spart Rug 302
Spart Rug 358
Spart Rug 390
Spart Rug 133
Spart Rug 319
Spart Rug 324
Spart2 - New colours
Spart2 Rug 401
Spart2 Rug 409
Spart2 Rug 410
Spart2 Rug 413
Spart2 Rug 421
Spart2 Rug 422
Spart2 Rug 432
Spart2 Rug 452

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Casa e Jardim, Lda.,
Sitio da Cascalheira, 556A
Quatro Estradas
Algarve, Portugal
37º05´48.97"N 8º03´50.48"W

Opening Times:

09.30 -18.00 Monday to Friday.

We can also open on Saturdays by appointment.

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Tel (00351) 289 393 532

Tel (00351) 289 393 532

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