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Lighting at Casa e Jardim - A-Tube Nano

A Tube Nano

A-Tube Nano is a stunning yet simple modular pendant light.
Use individually or in groups to create an elegant and sophisticated focal point.
Colour accents can be chosen and mixed.

  • A Tube Nano
  • A Tube Nano
  • A Tube Nano
  • A Tube Nano
  • A Tube Nano

Each A-Tube Nano contains an included 2,5W LED.
The main A-Tube Nano base is in transparent polycarbonate and the tube can be chosen in four different finishes.
Ceiling fittings (sold separately) are used to install individual tubes or clusters.

A Tube Nano
A Tube Nano Colours

Small 30cm

A Tube Nano Sizes

Medium 60cm

A Tube Nano Sizes

Medium 90cm

A Tube Nano Sizes


A-Tube Nano Small 30 cm

A-Tube Nano Small in Matt White 158001 €166

A-Tube Nano Small in Chrome 158002 €190

A-Tube Nano Small in Gold 158003 €190

A-Tube Nano Small in Rose Gold 158004 €190

A-Tube Nano Medium 60 cm

A-Tube Nano Medium in Matt White 158005 €185

A-Tube Nano Medium in Chrome 158006 €209

A-Tube Nano Medium in Gold 158007 €209

A-Tube Nano Medium in Rose Gold 158008 €209

A-Tube Nano Large 90 cm

A-Tube Nano Large in Matt White 158009 €203

A-Tube Nano Large in Chrome 158010 €227

A-Tube Nano Large in Gold 158011 €227

A-Tube Nano Large in Rose Gold 158012 €227

Ceiling Support

Round Single Support Matt White 154013 €49

Round 3 Cluster Support Matt White 154014 €264

Round 5 Cluster Support Matt White 154015 €315

Round 7 Cluster Support Matt White 154016 €380

Linear track for up to 7 Tubes Support White €299

Example Configurations:

Single gold A-Tube Nano 30 cm (158003) with a decentralisation cylinder (130009) and single canopy (154026).

A-Tube Nano Lighting Configurations

2 x Matt white A-Tube Nano 30 cm (158001) + one medium chrome A-Tube Nano 60 cm (158006 )and 3 light canopy (154014).

A-Tube Nano Lighting Configurations

3 x Gold A-Tube Nano 30 cm (158003) + 3 medium Rode Gold A-Tube Nano 60 cm (158008) + 6 decentralisation cylinders (130009) and 6 light canopy (radial system 154027).

A-Tube Nano Lighting Configurations

3 x Gold A-Tube Nano 30 cm (158003) + 4 Chrome A-Tube Nano 30 cm (158002) + 1 Track System (154029).

A-Tube Nano Lighting Configurations

  • A Tube Nano
  • A Tube Nano
  • A Tube Nano
  • A Tube Nano
  • A Tube Nano

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