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Interior & Exterior Furniture


Exceptional furniture from Bosnia

The Gazzda furniture range was added to the Casa & Jardim portfolio in 2023.

Gazzda create solid oak furniture for the whole house and also have a modular sofa range.

100% made in Bosnia, EU candidate.

Gazzda at Casa e Jardim, Portugal


Gazzda recognise the inherent quality and beauty of wood. It's the foundation of their furniture, chosen for its durability, versatility, and natural elegance. Its warmth and resilience, plays a pivotal role in Gazzda creations.

Woods tactile surface, when carefully sanded and finished, enhances the overall aesthetic and provides a sensory experience. Beyond its initial allure, wood possesses the unique ability to be restored to its original glory, ensuring that our products can maintain their timeless appeal and functionality.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Gazzda material choices. A commitment to using wood from responsibly managed forests, as evidenced by the FSC® certificate (FSC-C130602).

Like all wood furniture there are natural variations in each piece of wood, showcasing them as unique expressions of nature. Masterful craftsmanship ensures these variations aren't flaws, but defining characteristics that enhance the overall aesthetic.

Natural Oil

Ideal for those who favour a classic aesthetic, this treatment enriches the wood with depth and warmth.

Its compatibility with other oak elements commonly found in interiors, like oak flooring and furniture, ensures a cohesive and harmonious ambiance throughout the space.

Oak White Oil

Gazzda’s signature white oil showcases oak's natural beauty in its purest form. While traditional finishes tend to darken oak, our white oil treatment is designed to highlight and preserve its lighter, natural hues.

It's a finish that doesn't overpower but gently complements, adding a sophisticated and understated charm to your furniture. This approach to treating Oak ensures that each piece not only stands out for its design but also for the natural allure of the wood itself.

Oak Smoked Oil

This finish enriches oak, darkening it for a distinct aesthetic. The variation in absorption across different surfaces contributes to a nuanced and striking visual effect.


The inherent richness and warmth of American Walnut are elevated to their fullest expression through our natural oil finish. This treatment intensifies the deep, dark hues of the wood, presenting a luxurious and inviting appearance that defines the timeless beauty of American Walnut.


Linoleum stands out as an all-natural surface material, celebrated for its combination of elegance and durability.

This material is cherished for its array of vital benefits. Among its notable attributes, linoleum is waterproof, sound-absorbent, antistatic, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial, making it a highly functional and desirable choice for various applications.

Linoleum's natural composition and tactile surface actively combat static buildup, repelling dirt and dust. This feature ensures the surface remains pristine and hygienically clean.

This eco-friendly material is produced using 100% renewable electricity sources. Not only is linoleum biodegradable upon disposal, but each piece also incorporates 28% recycled content by weight, reflecting our commitment to environmental sustainability.

The unique blend of a matte finish with a warm, soft texture bestows each product with a distinct and inviting appearance. The tactile quality of linoleum adds depth and character, enhancing the overall aesthetic and feel of our furniture.

Gazzda Linoleum Finishes
Gazzda Linoleum Finishes
Gazzda Linoleum Finishes
Gazzda Linoleum Finishes

Beautiful Furniture, Curtains and Soft Furnishings, at Competitive Prices, on Portugal's Algarve.

Innovative and creative contemporary furniture. Inside and out.


Casa e Jardim, Lda.,
Sitio da Cascalheira, 556A
Quatro Estradas
Algarve, Portugal
37º05´48.97"N 8º03´50.48"W

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday.

09.30 - 13:00, 14:30 - 18.00

Closed for lunch 13:00 - 14:30

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Tel (00351) 289 393 532

(Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
(National fixed line tariff)

Tel (00351) 289 393 532

(Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
(National fixed line tariff)

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