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Curtains for the Algarve

We feel that if there is a single item that truly 'pulls' an interior scheme together it is the curtains. A well dressed window brings colour, warmth and life to a room.
In addition to the obvious benefits of privacy and insulation, curtains can be used to define an interiors character. When closed, curtains are a dominant upholstery feature. When open they transition the interior to the exterior.

Curtains for the Algarve
Curtains for the Algarve

Our defining style; Deep waved curtains, track or rail support, deep hem, expert installation.

At Casa e Jardim our business centres around curtains. We enjoy selling and organising interior and exterior furniture but there is something about proposing, making and fitting curtains that surpasses all that we do. From the abundant choice of modern fabrics and the tactile pleasure in working with them to the satisfaction of seeing a room completed, working with curtains is a pleasure.

The C&J way:

  • We hang curtains high. Do not accept this ineffectual 'just above the window' solution frequently encountered. You are making a statement. Make it a bold one.
  • Some of the more economical voile fabric types may come with a weighted 'hem'. The first thing we do with these fabrics is cut off the weight and sew in a proper deep hem.
  • 2 ½ - To cover the required width with a good 'depth' of fabric, forming a curtain that hangs nicely and with 'weight', the calculation for fabric is required width x 2 ½. There should be no cutting corners in this standard value for a quality curtain.
  • Pattern repeat and layout. A fundamental in curtain making but often over-looked or cost-cut. Careful pattern repeat and pattern/pleat coordination is rudimentary. With careful calculation fabric wastage will be minimal.
Curtains for the Algarve

Curtains for the Algarve

Curtains for the Algarve

Window dressings can take the form of curtains or blinds or a combination of both. With curtains there are a number of primary considerations.

  • The type of curtain
  • The type of heading
  • The support
  • The desired length

The curtains pages of this website discusses the basics. For further information and a consultation contact us here.

The Type of Curtain

There are 4 broad categories of curtains:
  • Voiles
A light weight fabric, often semi-transparent. Ideal to add privacy and keep out strong sun. Often combined with a blind or second curtain.
  • Unlined Curtain
More 'weighty' than a voile but still a simple window covering. Provides a more encompassing element to the interior design.
  • Lined Curtains
The classic window decoration. Any fabric can be lined to give more weight. Frequently on the Algarve a black-out or dim-out lining is used.
  • Interlining
A secondary lining of light-weight material between the main fabric and lining. Adds body and helps the curtain hang.

The Type of Heading

Typically decorative the heading is a hand-sewn or applied tape to which the curtains is attached to the pole.
  • Eyelets
A metal ring in the curtain heading that is threaded on to a pole. A very popular style in the '80, and '90's now somewhat out of fashion. At C&J we rarely recommend eyelets but we still make them occasionally to the highest standard.
  • Pleated
The classic pleated look comes in number of forms, pencil, double, triple... A useful header type for general use.
  • Goblets
The classic traditional 'heavy' curtain heading. Goblets need to be hand made and sewn so they are about intensive.
  • Waved
90% of the curtains we make at C&J feature a waved heading and are hung from a track. The contemporary solution for any style of fabric.
Curtains for the Algarve, Headings


Curtains for the Algarve, Headings


Curtains for the Algarve, Headings


Curtains for the Algarve, Headings


The Type of Support

The type of support chosen is partly dictated by the curtain heading. Traditional wooden curtain poles have been largely superseded by metal poles which in turn have now been replaced by tracks. There is further information on support types here.

The Required Length

Purely a matter of personal choice. Typically curtains are hung from between ½ to 1 cm off the floor. Voiles and light weight curtains are sometimes allowed to lay lightly on the floor. Rarely but dramatically we make curtains that lay fully 5 - 10 cm on the floor.
Curtains for the Algarve, Length
Curtains for the Algarve, Length
Curtains for the Algarve, Length

Tha Algarve Curtain Specialists

All of our curtains and blinds are made by us in our basement Atelier.
We also deliver, fit and hang ourselves.
Curtain Making Algarve

Curtains by Casa e Jardim, Algarve Portugal
Curtains by Casa e Jardim, Algarve Portugal

Beautiful Furniture, Curtains and Soft Furnishings, at Competitive Prices, on Portugal's Algarve.

Innovative and creative contemporary furniture. Inside and out.


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Tel (00351) 289 393 532

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